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About Single Tooth Dental Implants

Are you missing a single tooth and wondering what to do about it? You have several options for replacing it. One of these is a dental bridge, which would involve using the teeth on either side to create a tooth-like bridge across the gap where the tooth is missing. The other would be a single tooth implant, which involves creating a connection with your jawbone and installing a new, lifelike tooth in the gap.

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Dental Implant vs. Bridge

A single-tooth implant has a few advantages over the installation of a dental bridge. While a dental bridge will likely be the most cost-effective solution for missing teeth, this treatment style will not be permanent. On the other hand, you can expect your dental implant to last you a lifetime in most cases.

Here are a few other advantages and disadvantages to dental implants over bridges.


  • Implants are long-term solutions for missing and damaged teeth.
  • They integrate into the jawbone and do not rely on decayed or damaged teeth for structure.
  • Surrounding teeth are not affected by the procedure.
  • Implants are typically easier to clean than dental bridges, making them an overall healthier option for tooth replacement.


  • Implants can be expensive. Even the procedure for a single tooth replacement can cost patients thousands of dollars.
  • Implants require surgery for the integration of the implant into the patient’s jawbone.
  • Healing time for implants is significantly longer than for the installation of a bridge.
  • More appointments will be necessary for implant introduction.

The Dental Implant Procedure

You can expect a few things during the implant procedure, depending on the type of procedure you are having. Your single-tooth dental implant may be a multi-stage or single-stage process.

In a multi-stage implant, you will have three appointments scheduled. During the first appointment, the dentist surgically introduces the implant cylinder to your jaw, which will take six months to heal.

During your recovery, you will likely receive a temporary cap to wear over the cylinder. After the six-months have elapsed, you will have your second appointment, during which your periodontist will attach an extension to the implant site. This procedure can also take a few weeks to heal, after which, at the third session, you will receive a realistic-looking and -feeling crown from your doctor to attach to the implant.

For a single-stage implant, your dentist will install the extension during your first appointment, eliminating the need for the second visit. After your jawbone has successfully grown around the new implant during the healing period, your dentist will install a permanent crown. You can discuss with your dentist which type of treatment will work the best for your needs.

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